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Built during Venice Biennale 2018 for Unfolding Pavillion, with Errante Architetture.

The aim of this project is to investigate the relationship between three main spaces, both from a geographical and from a cultural point of view:

-the city of Venice: its narrow alleys, glimpses, canals. A constant repetition of shadows.
-Gino Valle's residential complex: a dense field of volumes, with multiple heights, mainly built using bricks.
-the house : a domestic atmosphere, luminous, on multiple levels, with openings and views on the outside, built for social housing and currently empty, uninhabited.

The design, that stems from these thoughts, tries to recover lost aspect of the building and the related spaces, reasoning on the entity of "house" and "space": a domestic living which is able to connect, in a metaphoric and abstract way, the designed object with the space containing the object itself. 
The complex of Gino Valle has a rectangular plan, in which water defines three of the four borders, reinforcing the perception of an isolated piece of land, just like Venice.
The installation is a table, with an arrangement of objects on it. These objects, which apparently lost their function with time, now have a new meaning and use.
The flat and rectangular surface of the residential complex is arranged with apartments, passages, courtyards and stairs.
In a similar way the surface of the table is flat and rectangular, an island populated by jars, bottles, bricks, masks, undefined objects that depict a familiar landscape. These objects are the volumes of the residential complex.
The material used for the installation portrays the temporary nature of the project, which is exhibited for just two days. Both the table and the objects are made of papier-maché : very light fragments representing an abstract and ephemeral composition. 

The ultimate purpose of the installation is the discovery of a place, the comprehension of its geographical and social value.

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